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What People are Saying About Kimochis®

“The Kimochis are a fun and empowering communication tool for kids and grown-ups alike. Boys can especially benefit from learning how to express their feelings through these lovable Kimochis characters. Our high-tech, fast-paced world often misses teaching our children the communication skills that will ensure our sons and daughters grow into well-adjusted adults who have the tools to express themselves in a world filled with social complexities.”

"Kimochis are an AMAZING tool for everyone! Kids, adolescents, and adults. Kimochis empower us to see ourselves and each other in a non-judgmental way. They help educators provide children with the tools to be successful people by allowing them to develop social intelligence, kindness, and the ability to work in a community. Sounds like what the world needs. Everyone needs Kimochis!”

“The most important thing we give our children is emotional intelligence. Having completed the Happy movie which is about emotional balance, we know all happiness in human being stems from emotional intelligence. I love Kimochis. Early teaching of emotional intelligence in children is the most enlightened and powerful thing we do in early childhood. There is no program that teaches better than Kimochis!!!”

Lisen Stromberg

Founder of Supporting Our Sons

Sara Statler

Summer Programs and

Recruiting Manager, Edventure More

Michael Pritchard

American stand-up comedian, youth counselor, and advocate of social emotional learning (SEL)